#11ways @ #IABC14 – TUNE IN


Whether you’re in Toronto in person – or attending remotely via Twitter – we would love for you to pitch into what @StephenWelch11 and I are aiming to be the most tweeted talk of Toronto:

#11ways @ #IABC14

There’ll be numbers for the data-driven, there’ll be mind-tricks – and quite a bit of banter.

We want you there – please add this to your calendar (.ics) and tune in, in person or via Twitter.

Meanwhile, here’s the official blurb – you can get it on the #IABC14 app as well:

#IABC14 App - click to download11 ways you can ensure your organization underperforms

Michael Ambjorn and Stephen Welch, two innovative presenters, are doing a double-act for the first time. Together they will take you on a journey looking at the power of cultural alignment in driving strategic business performance, to help communicators engage with leaders and deliver on the strategy and engagement elements of IABC’s Global Standard. Michael and Stephen will draw on their own professional experience and latest thinking, to explore how communicators have a role to play in increasing employee engagement, enablement and culture.

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