#11ways to under-perform? Take the survey

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2014 IABC World Conference | 8-11 June | Toronto
At the IABC World Conference, Michael Ambjorn and Stephen Welch will run a session on the #11ways communicators can contribute to organisational under-performance. To add some spice to the presentation, they’ve knocked up a little survey.

The 2014 IABC – International Association of Business Communicators – World Conference will take place in Toronto Canada on 8-11 June.

IABC Board Director Michael Ambjorn and President of IABC UK Stephen Welch, will look at the power of cultural alignment in driving strategic business performance. They will explore how communicators have a role to play in increasing employee engagement, enablement and culture.

To help shape their presentation they are asking for feedback from communication professionals. They write: “We’re hoping for three minutes of your time. Please help us test our thinking by completing this informal questionnaire.

“It’s completely anonymous; a self-selected sample and if you vote twice, we won’t know. So please don’t. You can even pass it to people you know. This is a viral survey not a ‘random sample’ one.

“If, once you are done, you’d like a copy of the results, once we’re done, tweet us @stephenwelch11 or @michaelambjorn with the hashtag #11ways.”


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