Alignment espresso: time away makes it easier to #ALIGN

Greek coffee #fromaboveJust getting back in the swing of things after a week attending a village wedding in Crete. Here’s a brief alignment espresso – or in fact, as illustrated, a potent Greek Coffee. Those who know and love this method of preparation know that one should take one’s time and not be distracted when drinking it:

The advice from Schumpeter (well, not the actual Austrian – rather, The Economist blogger) on taking time out and doing less resonates particularly strongly right now:

THERE is a never-ending supply of business gurus telling us how we can, and must, do more. Sheryl Sandberg urges women to “Lean In” if they want to get ahead. John Bernard offers breathless advice on conducting “Business at the Speed of Now”. Michael Port tells salesmen how to “Book Yourself Solid”. And in case you thought you might be able to grab a few moments to yourself, Keith Ferrazzi warns that you must “Never Eat Alone”.

Yet the biggest problem in the business world is not too little but too much—too many distractions and interruptions, too many things done for the sake of form, and altogether too much busy-ness. [Read the full article]

In summary? Get headspace to properly #ALIGN and prioritise when you return to the action.

Ah, and all those emails that have accumulated? Social Brainer Jonathan Rowson thinks not: ‘The most productive act of Leadership? Email less‘…

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