An effective method to #alignyourorg

“How can I have more purposeful & productive conversations, bring out the wisdom of a group, encourage feedback between people, and reach shared awareness in meetings? How can I generate and weave together a diverse range of ideas, develop creative solutions and build a group consensus?”

Here’s our answer – skill up on your group facilitation. Our methods of choice here at Align come from the Technology of Participation.

Here’s a glimpse of what that training like that looks like in practice:

Learn with Align Your Org advisory board member Martin Gilbraith – book the upcoming course in Brussels:

The ToP Group Facilitation Methods course provides a structured introduction to the ‘Technology of Participation‘ Focused Conversation and Consensus Workshop methods, which form the foundations of ToP Action PlanningToP Participatory Strategic Planning and other applications.

Now see some award-winning practitioners in action: