The powerful partnership between facilitation and communication

We’re working on a book as part of a team of expert facilitators from around the world. The shorthand for the project is #FacPower and each chapter of the book will have a different focus. In combination the aim is to show the power of facilitation in various fields and contexts.

We’ll be focusing on the intersect between communication and facilitation, and exploring the power of applying facilitation and communications in partnership. We will be sharing stories of how we’ve used some of their complementing (and contrasting) professional competencies and the professional frameworks available.

To help organise this we’ll use a framework from the field of communications: The Global Standard of the Communications Profession. It covers:

  • Ethics
  • Consistency
  • Context
  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Engagement

We want to bring these to life – and during International Facilitation Week #FacWeek we’ll be asking the global facilitation and comms communities to add ideas, and share their own stories.

Ultimately the aim is to help you deliver award-winning work. Work with an impact that stands the test of time. Work that matters.

Here’s just one such example we’ll be drawing on (which won awards from both IABC and IAF):

Join us and take part

Use the hashtag ##FacPower to help to unlock all the activity around this global book project.

@martingilbraith & @michaelambjorn

P.S. This year #FacWeek happens to overlap with #GlobalEthicsDay2018 – so there should be an opportunity to make it even more interdisciplinary.