Timeless gift ideas for the Communicator in your life

Whether starting out, or a master communicator, many tools of the trade are the same. And one can always use more of these…

That said, if you have a bit more to spend, there are a few even more valuable ideas right at the end.

Three quick ideas for the Professional Communicator




A good fountain pen need not cost a fortune. Looks great in the boardroom – and can easily be refilled. Stenography might be out of fashion, but handwritten notes are not. A chat over coffee is one of the fastest ways to #createconnection. Check out the merch from IABC…
IABC Merchandise - Coffee Cup - 'What to say when comforting a communicator: there, their, they're

Pen and paper in action – fuelled by coffee

Scaling your intent: personal & professional development for professional communicators




Get inside your head to transform how you work. How to build relationships, handle conflict and share control. Give membership of the International Association of Communicators.
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