Top reads for board members: daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly

A round-up of materials that can help you with your alignment work – this issue is focused on Alignment for the Boards but many of these insights apply across other areas of collaborative work.


If you’re want realtime updates, then here are some useful and relevant organisations and hashtags active on Twitter:

@EGBoard | @WOBUK | @tcbcorpgov | @SpencerStuart | @ClarksonCentre | @AICDirectors
#board | #governance | #corpgov | #corporategovernance

BoardSource has a daily newsletter called SmartBrief – very North America (and non-profit) focused, but worth a quick scan if you’re a newsletter junkie looking for a daily dose in your inbox.


Women on Boards in the UK have newsletter worth a browse – it includes vacancies. Got a good weekly newsletter to add here? Let us know @alignyourorg.


HBR's IdeaCast

The Spark is a worthwhile monthly newsletter round-up on governance from BoardSource, champions of the Stand for Your Mission campaign and more.

In hard-copy and on the web you’ll find Harvard Business Review. Topics of course go well beyond the board, but it is a useful way of keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of leadership and management. Personally I tend to take the shortcut as I cycle: I listen to their regular IdeaCast (should also be easy to find on iTunes etc).

Back in the governance specific arena there’s also Board Forward, collated by an association management firm.


Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Stanford Social Innovation Review also known as SSIR – is a worthwhile read.


Also, Boards – a quarterly publication from the Governance Centre of Excellence, a Canadian outfit, is worth a scan.

It comes out of a programme of the Ontario Hospital Association, yet many of their articles have application well beyond healthcare. Topics include:

If you’re looking for more regular updates, why not follow them on Twitter – and also check out some of their great tools and templates.


What’s missing from the above?

What are you reading to #alignyourorg?

Michael Ambjorn is Founder @alignyourorg | Chair @IABC – and this week you can find him in LA at #IABCLI.