What we’re reading: the latest on alignment for the Third Sector

A round-up of recent materials that can help you with your alignment work – this issue is focused on Alignment for the Third Sector but many of these insights apply across all sectors.

A new guide to the Chair-CEO relationship is out

A Question of Balance – a guide to the Chair and Chief Executive relationship – has been published by the Association of Chairs. Alignment between these two roles is crucial to Third Sector success. As the guide sets out:

Forging a successful relationship with your CEO is a key part of the Chair’s role. The quality of the relationship with the Chief Executive is a recurring theme in many of our conversations with Chairs and at a number of our events.

This guide aims to help those of you who have a Chief Executive or lead officer to explore and strengthen that relationship. We recognise that is no simple task. Each relationship is complex, dynamic and unique.

You can download a copy here.

People power: Why trustees, staff, volunteers and donors matter

A worthwhile read – here’s one brief except:

2015 11 What we're reading - Zurich tips

/via The Chief – the Guardian Voluntary Sector newsletter.

Download the PDF by clicking on the image + see the notes from the Five ways charities can tap their people power discussion hosted by the Guardian.

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