So you’ve moved to London, eh? Part II – Longer term…

I might be leaving [thanks for everything London!] — But you may just be arriving… So I put together a two-parter with resources for IABC  peeps. Specifically for recent London arrivals – but others might find it useful too. Part I here, Part II below. Feel free to share.

Longer term

Meet interesting people in general

If you’re going to be here for a while, you might as well find yourself a local pub. Try the pub quiz and all that to get some banter going. And take a course based on interest beyond work – and keep an eye out for what’s coming up on

Brits themselves don’t tend to strike up a conversation with a stranger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. For culture-shock resources, head back to Part I of this guide.

Find a place to write & think

You’ll be learning a lot. We all sometimes need a quieter space to sit and think for a while. All these institutions offer affordable memberships – and have ‘member rooms’ where one can sit and work away for a while. It is also useful for when you need to meet people both privately and professionally. In other words, whether you’re based in-house or freelancing.

British Library Handy as it also has the nation’s biggest library attached. £80+
Tate Modern Access to three different rooms – two at Tate Modern, one at Tate Britain. £80+
British Museum I’m told it is supposed to be good. The crowds might get in the way though. £60-80+
South Bank Handy view of the river and a bit quieter than floors below. £60+
The London Library ‘With more than one million books and periodicals in over 50 languages…’ £510+

You could also of course splurge on one of the private clubs – Soho HouseHospital ClubQuo VadisGroucho etc. etc. you’ll probably need to find somebody to do an intro for you though. But that’s what those network relationships are for!

Participate in civil society

100s of free lectures, debates etc. every year – usually several a week:


Go for a walk. Here are some timeless ideas.