Some amazing people have helped on this journey so far. Here are a few of them:

Christian, Marc, James, Kathryn, Sam, Adrian, Neil, Julian, Jonathan, Nat, Hilary, Lynn, Steve, Richard, Andy, David, Irene, David, Sharon, Adrian, Martin, Corinna…

The help has come in many shapes (thanks!) – here’s one sequence:

How the brand came about:

The name came up over a pint of Good Job in an establishment just off the Strand in London thanks to Christian Ambjorn – and Marc Wright, of SimplyCommunicate fame who provided some expert critique at this early stage, as did Brand Director-in-his-day-job Neil Griffiths. The visuals were then given a first outline by @futureshape and then RSA Director of Design Nat Hunter and Student Design Award programme supremo Sevra did a workover in a hip part of New York. Then the up-and-coming Hilary Chittenden of #RSAFUTUREMAKER fame then helpfully suggested the Lab and the Practice get one stripe each from the combined // Align Your Org logo. Done.

If you like the visual finish, then head over to James Billiter Studio and hit Like. We’d appreciate that.