Alignment Agony

Recognise this?

  • Stakeholders say they don’t feel involved
  • You spend a lot of time putting out fires
  • Governance structures are creaking
  • It seems like people are pulling in multiple directions

These are all signs of a lack of alignment, causing painful friction. It is more common than you might think: 70% of change programmes fail.

We specialise in helping internationally minded organisations develop people-centred strategy – at a time when fresh thinking, creativity and participation is more important than ever. And we love turnaround challenges.

What can be done?

Boards, Chief Executives and Chairs – and the next generation of talent – turn to us for help.

We advise boards; facilitate strategy and develop changemakers.

// Advise Boards

You’d be surprised how varied the clients are: government agencies, large semiconductor firms, small town councils… why? They all have people in common.

// Facilitate Strategy

Organisations don’t make things happen. People do. 

Learn more about our award-winning facilitation work and see us in action.

// Develop Changemakers

We deliver 1:1 coaching and mentoring – through to full-fledged leadership and strategic communication courses and workshops.

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