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Open Tools, Checklists and more…

We continually make a range available on the blog to help you #AlignYourOrg:

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Open Courses

We are also working on a range of self-serve learning opportunities.

Take Flight is a weekly opportunity for reflection for those starting new roles. Changemakers in particular. This is for people who want to be highly engaged and make a difference. Whilst growing and learning – using deliberate practice. Helping you to look at your progress ‘from above’.

Declare Your Independence – Going independent is hard, but it shouldn’t have to be. This is a 36-week introduction on how to declare your independence – and keep it. Each is written to be easy read, yet actionable. And every issue contains great questions to reflect on – and has a set of follow-on links for deeper reading.

My Seat at the Table is a course delivered by e-mail every two weeks. It will teach you everything you need to know about being a high performing board member; putting together a strong board; how to drive strategic alignment and much more. Sign up now, and help spread the word:

Creative Commons

Everything we do at Align Your Org is based on Creative Commons / Open Source thinking – and the application thereof.

Because the world is better when we share.

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