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What we’re reading – January 2018

Once a month we round up the top reads and recommendations from our community. Got one to add? Let us know @alignyourorg. Timing Olivia Gadd is reading Daniel Pink's latest book. As she says, (working the title in nicely): "Rather than the what and the how, it focuses on When. A refreshing and different take. Provoked some … Continue reading What we’re reading – January 2018

Mike Pounsford

Aligning people with purpose

Our friends at IABC EMENA are putting on what promises to be a useful free Webinar: Aligning people with purpose 17 January 2018 at 1 p.m. CET Join IABC EMENA’s guest speaker Mike Pounsford, as he discusses the importance of purpose and approaches to alignment in the webinar Aligning people with purpose. The webinar will … Continue reading Aligning people with purpose

Couravel's Big Conversation @mikepounsford

A Big Conversation Q&A – aligning leaders using pictures

Delivering pilot Leading the Big Conversation today with @inscriptdesign @JerwoodSpace - Oxfam, ABRSM, Defra, BAE and others — Mike Pounsford (@mikepounsford) 17 May 2017 What’s the next best to attending an event? Seeing the effect of it afterwards and being able to ask questions. Case in point: I recently missed the prototype of an exciting … Continue reading A Big Conversation Q&A – aligning leaders using pictures