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Boards, Chief Executives and Chairs – and the next generation of talent – turn to us for help.


// Advise boards

// Facilitate strategy

// Develop changemakers

Why we do it

Lack of alignment causes painful friction. It is more common than you might think: 70% of change programmes fail.

You’d be surprised how varied the clients are: government agencies, large semiconductor firms, small town councils… why? They all have people in common.

Also, through courses and 1:1 mentoring we work to develop the next generation of leaders. It is all about enabling people to make change.

Who we are

// Founder & Director

Michael Ambjorn

20+ years of leading people, running organisations, chairing boards and developing changemakers. Michael has worked across five continents. He is a past chair of the International Association of Business Communicators. He has also held leadership roles at IBM, Motorola; and perhaps more unusually, the 260+year–old Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (The RSA).

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Bent Sorensen
Bent Sorensen

As Head of Communication, I had the pleasure of working with Align on a major internal staff event celebrating the 20th anniversary of our organisation.

Michael invested a lot of work and energy in preparing for his task of engaging 120 staff representing all areas of the organisation, more than 25 different nationalities as well as different age groups.

This included a pre-event at the headquarters to engage staff in the programme for the corporate day out. Michael is a champ with a microphone and he delivers important messages with passion and translate complex matters to understandable, active language.

During the day of the event, he moderated and managed the programme with an exceptional level of professionalism and enthusiasm, so even the most sceptical were happy to participate in the activities.

With his inclusive and authentic style he brought out the best of all staff, and ensured a memorable day. We all enjoyed working with Michael and I would recommend him for any event near you.

Bent Sorensen

Sarai Snyder profile image
Sarai Snyder

I was fortunate enough to receive guidance from Michael Ambjorn when in the beginning stages of building my business. Not only did Michael help to hone our mission but offered straightforward advice with specific, strategic steps for moving forward.

Michael’s guidance was elemental in building the foundation for Girl Bike Love and CycloFemme, now becoming a global non-profit in just a few short years.

Sarai Snyder

Leanne Joyce profile image
Leanne Joyce

Michael is a superb facilitator, MC and keynote speaker. As a facilitator he weaves together events with great skill, adding humour, theatre, and extensive knowledge. He can adapt his approach to ensure that disparate groups feel engaged to deliver great results. His speeches are well prepared, targeted, and always with a touch of humour. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael and would love to work with him again.

Leanne Joyce

Mike Pounsford
Mike Pounsford

Michael commands a room with ease and combines the ability to design creative and engaging approaches with the ability to summarise and distil key issues. People really feel the value he adds by the end of the session. Michael is a natural leader. He’s passionabte about performance and results, and has the humility to let others shine and the courage to own accountability when things get tough.

Mike Pounsford

Zora Artis profile image
Zora Artis

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Michael Ambjorn in action as a speaker, event MC and workshop facilitator. He truly knows how to engage and make you think. He finds ways to make you think outside the box. Highly recommended.

Zora Artis

Casilda Malagon profile image
Casilda Malagon

I asked Michael to MC a flagship communications conference for me. He was engaging and the audience walked away inspired and primed for making change. Michael really knows how to create connection and aligned his facilitation style with the goals of the conference.

Casilda Malagon

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