Develop Changemakers

We deliver keynotes as well as full-fledged leadership and strategic communication courses and workshops. We also do 1:1 coaching & mentoring.

Keynotes & Courses

Whether you’re organising a stadium-sized conference, or an intimate business breakfast, we can help.

Especially if you want the audience to leave challenged, upbeat and with a clear call to action.

// Expert topics:

  • How to become a Strategic Advisor – and get a seat at the table
  • Scaling influence with changemakers – strategy alignment and the power of facilitation 
  • Leadership and talent development – practical lessons from the front line

You can book Michael as well as our Advisory Board members as a speakers, facilitators, event chairs or moderators.

Training & Workshops

Large corporates and small non-profits alike to turn to us to help them develop their leaders into strategic communicators.


Stuck in a rut? Over the years we have helped professionals of all walks refocus on what they really want to do. If you think we might be able to help you realign yourself with your skills and passion, get in touch. Our core focus is board members, especially chairs – but we’re always looking to help the next generation of changemakers too.

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Stuck in a rut? Over the years we have helped professionals of all walks refocus on what they really want to do.

“I was fortunate enough to receive guidance from Michael Ambjorn when in the beginning stages of building my business. Not only did Michael help to hone our mission but offered straightforward advice with specific, strategic steps for moving forward.

Michael’s guidance was elemental in building the foundation for Girl Bike Love and CycloFemme, now becoming a global non-profit in just a few short years.

— Sarai Snyder, Founder, CycloFemme

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