Declare Your Independence

Ready to declare your independence?

Going independent is hard, but it shouldn’t have to be.

This is a 36-week introduction on how to declare your independence – and keep it. Each is written to be easy read, yet actionable. And every issue contains great questions to reflect on – and has a set of follow-on links for deeper reading.


Meet your tutors!

This series is a collaboration between Stephen Welch and Michael Ambjorn – and we figured it’d just be rude if we didn’t introduce ourselves properly!

Stephen Welch

Stephen is an independent communications and leadership consultant. He works with individuals and organizations to improve how they communicate their messages and drive change.

Find Stephen on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

Michael Ambjorn

Michael and his colleagues at Align Your Org advise boards, facilitate strategy and develop changemakers.

Find Michael on LinkedIn, on Twitter and at AlignYour.Org