Timeless gift ideas for the Facilitator in your life

Whether starting out, or a master facilitator, many tools of the trade are the same. And one can always use more of these…

That said, if you have a bit more to spend, there are a few even more valuable ideas right at the end.

Fill out those flipcharts



Mr Sketch

Safe, permanent, choice for (almost) any surface. Comes in lots of colours. Wise choice for whiteboards. Less useful for paper… Water-based – and with a scent. Martin Gilbraith’s preferred – and I can see why. Participants love them.

You can see Mr Sketch pens in action above – and get yourself some facilitation training here.

Gather those ideas




Bigger than your usual office Post-Its. Handy for small group facilitation. The last and largest Post-It note (unless you count the wall charts). Often hard to find, but incredibly useful on the go for slightly bigger groups. For large group facilitation – for 3m & 5m (or repetitions thereof), use ICA Stickywalls. Match with 3M ReMount spray – and stacks of colourful paper
#ETF20 - celebrating 20 years with the European Training Foundation

ICA Stickywall in action

Flag, dot and whatnot




For when you need a clear indicator. Small, but handy when you need lots. The cheerful option. And it is all good.
Smiley Face Stickers Roll, Happy Face Circle Dots Stickers Paper Labels Reward Stickers Teachers Stickers, Round, 500PCS Labels on a Roll, 2.5cm/1"

Flashback to some flagging in action

Scaling your intent: personal & professional development for facilitators




Get inside your head to transform how you work. How to build relationships, handle conflict and share control. Give 1, 2 or 3 years of membership of the International Association of Facilitators.
Andy Gibson: A Mind For Business David Archer & Alex Cameron: Collaborative Leadership

IAF Wins Best Membership Engagement Award | IAF World

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